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The Shocking Health Benefits of Beer

While the topic of ‘beer being beneficial’ is a controversial one and has been hotly debated, several studies have been conducted in the past which come to a conclusion that beer really has health benefits. These benefits are generally not known by people, and the culprit behind this is the notoriety of the beverage. If you are a beer-fan and looking for motivations to make peace with the habit, here are a few shocking benefits of beer that we bet will leave you amazed. 1. Reduced chances of getting kidney stones A study conducted in the recent past suggests that drinking beer tends to lower down the risk of a person getting kidney stones. In fact, it also said that the risks keep declining with increased consumption of the drink. A team of researchers from Finland, under the supervision of Doctor Tero Hirvonen from the National Public Health Institute of Helsinki, conducted this study on middle-aged men with a huge sample size of 27,000. The outcome of the research read: “Each bottle of beer consumed per day was estimated to reduce risk by 40 per cent." This is probably the reason behind Irish pubs in Arlington always being crowded and such businesses being so successful. 2. Protection against cardiac arrest Certain types of beer including dark ales and stouts can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest in those who consume it. And the same was confirmed by a research conducted by students at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. It is the fatty substance around your heart that causes the walls of the arteries to fur-up and results in heart attacks. This substance is what the beer works against to diminish the risk. Nonetheless, moderation is the key and you must not forget that. 3. Lowered risk of strokes The American Stroke Association and Harvard Medical School have played a significant role in increasing profits for Irish bars in Arlington by revealing that those who drink beer moderately have the risk of strokes up to a 50pc in comparison to those who don’t. Beer interrupts the formation of blood clots in your body that result in strokes and help normalize the blood flow. And when there are no clots, there will be no strokes. 4. Stronger bones Silicon is a substance that encourages bone growth and makes them stronger. Yes, you guessed it right; this is what beer contains that enables it to strengthen your bones. This fact too is backed by profound research conducted at the Tufts University in Massachusetts. But then again, you have to make sure you don’t overdose. Too much beer can possibly work in the exact opposite manner. You will either get weak bones or fractures by tripping due to being overly intoxicated or both. 5. Reduced odds of becoming diabetic This comes like a pleasant surprise to many. A research conducted on middle-aged men at the Harvard University in 2011 concluded that those who drink no more than two glasses of beer a day have a reduced risk of becoming diabetic. The risk is reduced by as much as 25pc. And the list goes on! So, if you are holding back from having the beverage you love the most just because you thought it would cause health problems, you know where you should be heading right now. The staff at McCullars Irish Pub and Grill can’t wait to treat you with the range of beers they have. Try today!

Complete Details Of The Scsi Ssd Price And The Manufacturing Company

There is a reputed and recognized manufacturing company that is developing high-quality SCSI storage drives. These devices use the best and select FPGA-based technological inputs integrated into the discs. The SsciSsd Price will appear nominal to you because this industrial grade storage system solves the hassles of costly repairs and replacements. You will no longer have to keep up with aging, failing and obsolete storage devices.



There are multiple products to choose from at this company including SCSI magneto-optical, SCSI floppy drive, hard disk drive, and SCSI tape. The company also produces true floppy interfaces with thirty-four pins and twenty-six pins that you can use in your legacy equipment.


The Solid State drive


You can use the CF2SCSI drive to emulate SCSI Solid State Drive. There are multiple variants of the Scsi Products of Solid State Drives. The alternatives include SCSI magneto-optical drives from different renowned manufacturing companies. Apart from that, you will get here SCSI tape drives and floppy drives. You can develop the SCSI Solid State drive emulations by utilizing the advantage of full programmability. Go through all the products available for sale at the company.


The SCSI SSD drive


This device is a perfect combination of Solid State CompactFlash card technology with industry-level and outcome-leaning SCSI drive architectures. With highly reliable drop-in replacements through Solid State, the Ssd Drive Replacement is affordable. These products contain hard drives, tape drives, floppy drives, and magneto-optical drives. One significant advantage of these drives is that you can program them completely. As a result, implementation of SCSI driver is convenient and comfortable.


More about the products


The industrial-grade products at the company, like the CF2SCSI and SCSIFlash, are not only purposeful because of the size factor but also due to the support from CompactFlash drive of 128 GB space. You can avail either of the two packages of Scsi Products with changeable card slot as tape, Jazz, floppy drive or Zip replacement. They are all removable externally or you can for a hard disk replacement with cards that aren’t detachable externally. The products that this company produces are of industry standards. These devices are for a range of end of life or obsolete systems. This company specializes in the replacement of unavailable SCSI products.


The advantages


The manufacturing company has proof of the performance of the products deployed on multiple platforms. The present supporting capacities reach up to five hundred and twelve gigabytes. The firmware controlled by SCSI adapts the host’s SCSI drivers and legacy software. The interface is a transparent one from SCSI Solid State Flash drive to SCSI bus. These devices eliminate the problem of traditional magnetic media or electro-mechanical storage devices.





The company offers fast and efficient replacement services on the field. The power, heat and noise consumption will be low and minimal.

Along with increased reliability, the writing speeds will be fast. These machines reduce unplanned downtime and you will not need any additional software for data storage or bootable drives. There is also a networking feature that restores capability enabling essential data backups. The backup will take place on a complete bit-by-bit image of its CompactFlash drive.